Team Training - Part 7

Chapter 6: 
Written Communication Training 
To ensure the success of any team training exercise, some form of easy to follow written communication style should be followed. In doing so there are several different aspects that should be addressed to ensure all parties privy to the written communication can easily understand both its contents and the eventual goal intended. 

The following are some of the issues that should be considered when designing the written communication material for training: 
  • Avoid the urge to design impressive sentences as this does not serve the purpose of getting the message or idea across clearly and effectively. Keeping the sentences short and to the point also help to keep the attention of the intended parties.
  • Writing sentences that are specific in its instructions and ideas prevents the likelihood of being vague. Also avoid generalizing as this gives way to unnecessary assumptions which may end up being disastrous.
  • Using active verbs in the sentence design also keeps the written material within the conversational context, thus giving the illusion of a conversation. It also gives the written communication a sense of priority and purpose.
  • Separating each point into different paragraphs or sections makes the tacks of pinpointing any particular aspect faster and more effective besides the obvious benefits of clearly defining every point.
  • Editing and proof reading all material is a good and beneficial habit to form. This eliminates the likelihood of mistakes and also ensures no sentences are misconstrued or misunderstood. Poor grammar and misspellings will reflect poorly on the individual and the company.
  • Written communication for the training should also be gender sensitive. Though it may seem trivial, some parties may be offended it this aspect is not considered.
  • The written material should also always reflect a positive tone. When the tone is positive the probability of getting a positive response is also far greater and this also limits the possibility of a negative or hostile response.

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